I'd been hoping for this baby to make her grande entrance prior to me leaving on our family vacation.  And BOY DID SHE MAKE AN ENTRANCE!!  This is Avrie Quinn's birth story in mommy's own words:

The morning of June 25, 2016 I was woken to contractions at 4:26 am. I began timing them for the next 40 minutes as they grew increasingly stronger and closer. I woke my fiancé to tell him today is the day we'll be meeting our beautiful baby. I was so anxious to find out after 38 weeks 5 days if we were welcoming a son or daughter into our family as we opted to not find out the gender. There are very few things in life that are kept a surprise. We were about to receive the ultimate surprise a lot sooner than we thought. I wanted to take a quick shower, but the warmth of the water splashing off my back and tummy was so calming and helping me get through each contraction I ended up staying in the water longer than I anticipated. As I stepped out of the shower the strongest contraction came over my entire body. I found myself pacing down the hallway and leaning over the sofa in the living room as I felt an unusual sensation. I walked back into the restroom as I squatted with a mirror in hand and saw my bag of water bulging out. My fiancé called my mom, but since I had been in contact with her before I got in the shower and I hadn't responded to her most recent texts she began to worry and was already near our home as he called. I had the strongest urge to push, but I kept trying to fight my body from letting it do what it needed to go. My beautiful mom found me in the restroom with tears in my eyes and fear on my face. I had another contraction and my water broke I yelled ‘it’s happening, it's happening now” I still had the mirror in my hand as I looked down and the three of us saw the babies head crowning. My mom dialed 911 as my fiancé grabbed his phone and hit record to capture this moment forever. I hesitantly released a push and screamed “I can't do this” my mom and I made eye contact and at that exact moment I felt safe, ready, capable to surrender myself and full heartedly trusted my body with just 2 more pushes I felt my baby pass through as my mom and I lifted the baby and there I was holding such a precious beautiful life in my hands. We did this… I DID THIS! My proud fiancé gently looked between the legs and called out “it’s a bo…. It’s a girl” I began to cry with so much love in my heart. We began to worry as the baby wasn’t crying only letting out gentle soft cries. We noticed the umbilical cord wrapped around her little neck and quickly unwrapped it. The EMS showed up and seconds later I again felt the urge to push. I delivered the placenta in my hand with my baby in my other hand as the paramedic held open a bio hazardous bag I gently placed this beautiful organ that housed my baby in the bag as the same paramedic began to clamp the umbilical cord. It was such a bittersweet moment as I watched the man I love separate the life line our baby depended on just moments ago and the 38weeks 5days of her life within.
I had a “birth plan” to be mobile during labor, unmedicated, no interference of cervical checks or Pitocin etc, delayed cord clamping, having my fiancé, Pedro, call out the gender and having our birth photographed and/or recorded  were a few items in my “plan.” I realized in that moment as we were being transported and replaying the morning travels of our baby girl in my head… God blessed us with such a better “plan” NO on-call Doctor (my Ob was out of town) NO unfamiliar faces coming in and out of the delivery room, NO unfamiliar environment, NO rush or time limit placed on how quick my baby travels from utero to earth side. NO, instead I was calm in my own environment OUR home, surrounded by the faces of the ones I love most, my mom was my strength when I felt like giving up and delivered her granddaughter & my last baby, My 3 Year old daughter, Kailani stood proud off to the side and witnessed her baby sister being born as she was being promoted to a big sister at that exact moment and my 9 year old son, Jordan somehow amazingly slept through the whole labor and delivery. Gods plan was so much better and I got everything I had hoped for and much more.  June 25, 2016 along with August 13, 2006 and January 12, 2013 will forever be the best days of my life. God works in mysterious ways and the universe is simply beautiful… we have our Avrie Quinn. There are little things in life that are kept a surprise… the anticipation and excitement of not knowing our wild flowers gender was well worth the wait.
As I stood in the restroom at the hospital and stared into the mirror and admired my fresh postpartum body and how just hours ago it carried life within for the last time a feeling of emptiness in my womb weighed heavy like a wave crashing into my reality. I felt Raw. Different. COMPLETE. The female body is undeniably beautiful, I feel so empowered… I am a goddess. Labor and delivery is the most rewarding  journey whether it be natural, epidural, cesarean, home or hospital. Women are warriors!
How amazing was that?!  A new warrior mom to be added to the list of wonderfully amazing mommies out there.  
Lots of love!