Dear Sophia:

Mommy and Daddy waited for you patiently well past your due date. Every time I checked on your momma, she would tell me you were comfy and would come when you were ready. Most mommies are as patient as yours. Like a lot of babies, you finally decided to make your grande entrance in the middle of the night...waking us all with an adrenaline jolt. Your mommy was right. Once you decided it was time, you weren't kidding - it only took you a little over an hour to let us hear your very first cry. You should know your momma was amazingly strong and calm, and that your daddy was loving and supportive. And your big brother, well, he even smiled in his sleep when he heard you!! I'm confident he will be an awesome big brother.

Welcome, baby Sophia! I'm so very happy to have been a part of your birth.



{Birth Center and Midwife:  Lynn Arnold at The Retreat}

{Doula:  Lety Knight}