This birth put my skills to the test like no other, but boy oh boy, it was amazing.  I got mom's message earlier in the day letting me know that she was having some contractions, but not to rush.  I wasn't too comfy with the thought of waiting, but mom is a doula, so I convinced myself she knew her body best.  It wasn't too long before she messaged me again because the contractions were pretty close and getting closer.  I knew it would take me at least an hour to drive there.  I was pushing it.  It was the longest and darkest drive I've ever done on my own and I was worried I'd miss it all together.  

When I finally pulled up to the gate at White Sands Missile Range, the lovely-and-not-so-friendly guard told me I had no business there and made me drive away.  I pulled over a few miles up the road and called Andrea's husband.  Even though it felt like hours, he met me at the gate within minutes.  Low and behold, the guard asked me for all sorts of documentation before finally letting me through the gate.  

We pulled up and ran into the house.  Instantly, I knew what was happening.  The all-telling grunting coming from Andrea told me that Beckett would be born within minutes.  Once you've been in the birth world long enough, you KNOW what that sound means.  I had less than a minute to put my cameras together and set up my flash.  The room was pretty dark and I knew I was going to have to do what I could to get the best photos/video possible.  

It was all so fast, but so beautiful and calm.  The rest of the story tells itself.  I am so happy I made it to baby Beckett's birth.  Welcome to the world, baby Beckett.