Happy to be by his daughter's side.  May he rest in peace. 

Happy to be by his daughter's side.  May he rest in peace. 

I met Libby well before her twins' birth, but I clearly recall her calm presence while telling me her story of why she was considered a high risk pregnancy and the need for a c-section.  Despite what the doctor had told her, her faith was strong that her babies would be just fine.  

It took me a little while to share this story.  Partly because life had been a little hectic, but mostly because I learned that Libby's daddy passed away just a few weeks after meeting his twin grand babies.  I only met this family once, but their unity and strength was contagious to anyone in the waiting room.  I still recall Libby's dad's smile and excitement to finally meet Miguel & Eliza.  May he rest in peace.  

There is no better way to share this story than from Libby's perspective:

Finding out I was pregnant was exciting enough, but finding out they were fraternal twins (boy & girl)...we were over the moon! At 27 weeks we were faced with a stressful whirlwind of emotions. We were told that our baby boy had fetal ascites that could apparently be caused by a million things. I found myself looking to the internet to try and find some answers. Amidst all of this researching I read some pretty frightening information of the prognosis of fetal ascites. I was unbelievably worried as any mother would be. Every week and every ultrasound was a "nail biter"; hoping and praying for some improvement. I could only hope to get to 28 weeks let alone our goal of 34 weeks! It just seemed so far away. Thank God, after a round of steroid shots our baby boy's ascites was completely gone! Truthfully, I wasn't looking forward to another C-section. Having had the opportunity to experience both (C-section & VBAC) with my previous children, I definitely would have preferred a vaginal delivery. Nothing ever goes as we planned or expected, but it always turns out as it should and as God intended! Going into this C-section I felt relaxed and eager to hear my babies. Miguel, our first boy, was born first at 7:13 am and his initial cry was glorious! Then our girl, Eliza, our third girl, was born two minutes after her brother. Everything had come full circle and our little family had grown from 4 to 6 in a few minutes. Life is precious and God is good!

I have to agree with Eliza that God is good! All the time.

In loving memory of Libby's wonderful daddy.