El Paso Birth Photographer:  Beckett's Birth Story | White Sands, NM

El Paso Birth Photographer: Beckett's Birth Story | White Sands, NM

This birth put my skills to the test like no other, but boy oh boy, it was amazing.  I got mom's message earlier in the day letting me know that she was having some contractions, but not to rush.  I wasn't too comfy with the thought of waiting, but mom is a doula, so I convinced myself she knew her body best.  It wasn't too long before she messaged me again because the contractions were pretty close and getting closer.  I knew it would take me at least an hour to drive there.  I was pushing it.  It was the longest and darkest drive I've ever done on my own and I was worried I'd miss it all together.  

When I finally pulled up to the gate at White Sands Missile Range, the lovely-and-not-so-friendly guard told me I had no business there and made me drive away.  I pulled over a few miles up the road and called Andrea's husband.  Even though it felt like hours, he met me at the gate within minutes.  Low and behold, the guard asked me for all sorts of documentation before finally letting me through the gate.  

We pulled up and ran into the house.  Instantly, I knew what was happening.  The all-telling grunting coming from Andrea told me that Beckett would be born within minutes.  Once you've been in the birth world long enough, you KNOW what that sound means.  I had less than a minute to put my cameras together and set up my flash.  The room was pretty dark and I knew I was going to have to do what I could to get the best photos/video possible.  

It was all so fast, but so beautiful and calm.  The rest of the story tells itself.  I am so happy I made it to baby Beckett's birth.  Welcome to the world, baby Beckett.



Apple Orchard:  Baby Leo's Family Session

Apple Orchard: Baby Leo's Family Session

I don't usually post anything other than birth stories, but I think it's a good time to start.  For those of you who follow me on FaceBook and Instagram, you know that we set up this photo session the weekend before Baby Leo was scheduled to have his little foot amputated - the final step before his prosthetic!  We are very excited to see him walking soon! 

We called the apple orchard in Las Cruces and they told us they were completely out of apples, so we decided to set up our own orchard at Album Park.  We were lucky to have gotten some rain a few days before, so the water in the background looks pretty cool.  

Family sessions are some of my favorite photos.  We can always count on kids keeping sessions real when we let their personalities shine through.  




Birth Story: Twins C-Section at Sierra Hospital

Happy to be by his daughter's side.  May he rest in peace. 

Happy to be by his daughter's side.  May he rest in peace. 

I met Libby well before her twins' birth, but I clearly recall her calm presence while telling me her story of why she was considered a high risk pregnancy and the need for a c-section.  Despite what the doctor had told her, her faith was strong that her babies would be just fine.  

It took me a little while to share this story.  Partly because life had been a little hectic, but mostly because I learned that Libby's daddy passed away just a few weeks after meeting his twin grand babies.  I only met this family once, but their unity and strength was contagious to anyone in the waiting room.  I still recall Libby's dad's smile and excitement to finally meet Miguel & Eliza.  May he rest in peace.  

There is no better way to share this story than from Libby's perspective:

Finding out I was pregnant was exciting enough, but finding out they were fraternal twins (boy & girl)...we were over the moon! At 27 weeks we were faced with a stressful whirlwind of emotions. We were told that our baby boy had fetal ascites that could apparently be caused by a million things. I found myself looking to the internet to try and find some answers. Amidst all of this researching I read some pretty frightening information of the prognosis of fetal ascites. I was unbelievably worried as any mother would be. Every week and every ultrasound was a "nail biter"; hoping and praying for some improvement. I could only hope to get to 28 weeks let alone our goal of 34 weeks! It just seemed so far away. Thank God, after a round of steroid shots our baby boy's ascites was completely gone! Truthfully, I wasn't looking forward to another C-section. Having had the opportunity to experience both (C-section & VBAC) with my previous children, I definitely would have preferred a vaginal delivery. Nothing ever goes as we planned or expected, but it always turns out as it should and as God intended! Going into this C-section I felt relaxed and eager to hear my babies. Miguel, our first boy, was born first at 7:13 am and his initial cry was glorious! Then our girl, Eliza, our third girl, was born two minutes after her brother. Everything had come full circle and our little family had grown from 4 to 6 in a few minutes. Life is precious and God is good!

I have to agree with Eliza that God is good! All the time.

In loving memory of Libby's wonderful daddy.


El Paso Birth Photographer: Beautiful Baby Girl at The Retreat

El Paso Birth Photographer: Beautiful Baby Girl at The Retreat

It was my honor to witness and document Noelani's birth.  Her momma was a true warrior when bringing her into the world.  The cord burning ceremony was amazingly bonding for each member of the family.  Welcome, beautiful baby girl!



Fort Bliss: Home Birth Magic

Fort Bliss: Home Birth Magic

We all need an Emily in our lives to believe in us.  She labored and birthed her baby boy exactly as she'd planned.  xo - #epbirthphotog

Beautiful Preemie Baby Birth at The Retreat

Beautiful Preemie Baby Birth at The Retreat

I'd been on call for a momma who was past her due date when I got a message from Lynn at The Retreat that her daughter's water had broken and she was only 35 weeks along.  Eeeeek!  Talk about an adrenaline rush for me.  All my babies had been preemies so my heart knew there was a good chance Baby Arlo would be ok.  

To say that this birth was filled with love and support is an understatement.  Larkin was blessed with amazing support from her mom, her sister, her husband and her doula, Lety.   

Take a peek at this beautiful slideshow - you'll definitely feel the love that surrounded us all that day.

xoxo - #epbirthphotog

El Paso Birth Photographer: Birth Story of Sophia M. Smith

Dear Sophia:

Mommy and Daddy waited for you patiently well past your due date. Every time I checked on your momma, she would tell me you were comfy and would come when you were ready. Most mommies are as patient as yours. Like a lot of babies, you finally decided to make your grande entrance in the middle of the night...waking us all with an adrenaline jolt. Your mommy was right. Once you decided it was time, you weren't kidding - it only took you a little over an hour to let us hear your very first cry. You should know your momma was amazingly strong and calm, and that your daddy was loving and supportive. And your big brother, well, he even smiled in his sleep when he heard you!! I'm confident he will be an awesome big brother.

Welcome, baby Sophia! I'm so very happy to have been a part of your birth.



{Birth Center and Midwife:  Lynn Arnold at The Retreat}

{Doula:  Lety Knight}

You Photograph What?!  Births?!

You Photograph What?! Births?!

This has got to be the most frequent question I get as a birth photographer.  At first, I remember feeling a little shy about it.  Like I had to justify my passion for documenting births.  Now I find it a little comical.  AND! I feel special.  Who doesn’t want to feel a little unique in this cluttered world?